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Giuliano Cameroni Repeats Off the Wagon V16

It's the fourth ascent of the problem, and the first without the wagon

Swiss crusher Giuliano Cameroni, 23,has made the fourth ascent of the famous Off the Wagon (sit) V16, first climbed by Shawn Raboutou, located in Val Bavona, Switzerland. It was the first boulder of the grade in the country.

The second and third ascents went to Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods. The problem is notorious for starting by sitting on a farmer’s wagon, but Cameroni moved the wagon and started by standing and using the same holds. So he climbed the sit start with a new stand variation.

Cameroni is no stranger to hard boulders, as he’s among the best in the world right now. In 2019, he made the first ascent of Poisen by Well V16 in Ticino, followed by REM in Cresciano. Watch below.

Two V16 FAs