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Graham McGrenere Sends Two V12s in a Day

Graham McGrenere on The Deputy V12

Graham McGrenere ticks his third and fourth V12 problems on June 6 in Squamish.

McGrenere climbed The Method in the Apron Boulders and Summoning Sit in Murrin Park in that order.

His first V12 was in 2017 in Joe’s Valley with a tick of Beyond Life Sit. He said on Sendage.com after, “So over-the-top excited to have been able to put this one together. The sit start makes the already amazing line of Beyond Life more complete.

“I started working the sit moves at the same time I started trying the stand and pretty quickly put together the bottom. The crux of the stand eluded me though and it felt hard enough that I couldn’t imagine doing it when fatigued from climbing even more moves into it.

“All the stars aligned and I was able to send the sit four goes after doing the stand. The crux felt absolutely cruiser on the send. Power endurance rig – nice to have come to Joe’s after months of sport climbing. So so so stoked.”

His second V12 was The Method one month before his double V12 days. He noted after, “Had quick progression then major regression. Andrew said “regression is the last step before sending”…I guess he was right! Super duper excited to have climbed such a Squamish classic.”

The Deputy

“Psyyyyyched,” wrote McGrenere. “Finally stuck the lip and didn’t windmill off. A bit of a surprise on such a dank day, but it all worked out! Beauty narrow compression line. Definitely up there as one of the hardest things I’ve done.”

Summoning Sit

“Whoa,” wrote McGrenere. “Completely unexpected and almost didn’t try at all today. Got super inspired by Michelle being super close so figured I might as well try to pull my butt off the ground. Made some quick progress and after a few more tries grabbed the lip. Almost botched the top out from being so pumped. Double V12 day.”

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