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Greenland Winter Big Wall Attempt is a First

A team of Polish big wall climbers are hoping to open a new route in very cold temps

There are some big expeditions taking place right now, including an attempt to free Riders on the Storm in Patagonia and an attempt to solo Denali.

Now there’s new that Marcin Tomaszewski and Pavel Haldas are on their way to Greenland, to attempt to open a new big wall route. What makes this expedition unique is that there have been few, if any, winter big wall expeditions to Greenland.

There are several unclimbed walls in the area where they’re travelling to, so if everything lines up they have a good chance at success. Tomaszewski has established many difficult big wall climbs over the years, including a new one on Uli Biaho Tower in Pakistan’s Karakoram. Frozen Fight Club is a 780-metre M7 A3 climbed over 11 Days in -32°C – read more about it here.

We’ll have updated coverage from the several ongoing expeditions over the next few weeks.