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Greenland/Baffin Report

Nicolas Favresse, Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto and Sean Villanueva have returned from their lengthy trip to Greenland and Baffin Island.

The climbers had a run-in with a polar bear, experienced nasty conditions and climbed 10 new routes, all from their sailboat.

On Planet Mountain, Nicolas Favresse reported, “Our last days on Baffin island we could feel winter arriving with the sea starting to freeze along the coast and the snow line dropping all the way down to sea level. Although there was so much more to do, It was time for us to make our way back to Greenland. With the perspective of rough sailing conditions, we knew the adventure wasn’t over.”

Full story on Planet Mountain

The climbers did not climb anything harder than 5.12a. Instead, they focused on climbing as many new routes as they could. In alpine style, they climbed 10 new routes from 400 m to 1,000 m.

They used the boat as a basecamp. No bolts or pitons were placed. They climbed five new routes in Greenland’s Uummannaq area, four in the Sam Ford Fjord on Baffin Island and one in Gibbs Fjord, Baffin Island.

Canadians on Baffin in 2014

The hardest route climbed on the trip was Shepton’s Shove 5.12a, 1,000 metres on the southeast pillar (Drunken Pillar) of the Walker Citadel.

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