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#GrippedMagazine and Other Popular Climbing Hashtags

It’s hard to argue that Instagram has become most climbers choice of social media for sharing stories. With minimal distractions, like ads, links and news, you can scroll through your friend’s adventures with ease.

Facebook feeds are full of politics and Snapchat is difficult to use in a public forum, so it’s no surprise “the gram” has won climbers over.

The most popular climbing hashtags are listed below, but #GrippedMagazine is the most commonly used among #AlpinistMagazine, #ClimbingMagazine, #RockandIce, #UKClimbing and #PlanetMountain.

As of Dec. 28, #GrippedMagazine had exactly 37,000 posts with the next closest coming in at 12,000. For that, we send a big thanks to all of you Instagram users.

There’s no telling what social media platform will be climber’s choice in 2018, but momentum seems to be continuing with Instagram.

The GrippedMagazine Instagram account is photo-based and shares photos from the sharp end to the summit.

The GrippedMagazineComps Instagram account is video-based and focuses on training, comps results and motivating moves.

Drop in a #GrippedMagazine or tag us in your photo and we’ll do our best to share it in the New Year.

Most Popular Climbing Hashtags of 2017 (overall numbers)
#climbing: Over 6.7 million
#rockclimbing: Over 2.4 million
#bouldering: Over 1.8 million
#climbing_pictures_of_instagram: Over 700,000
#escalada: Over 500,000
#mountainclimbing: Over 390,000
#sportclimbing: Over 230,00
#iceclimbing: Over 150,000
#tradisrad: Over 115,000

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