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Haiyang World Cup, Two First-Time Champions

The second Asian 2015 IFSC World Cup Series took place in Haiyang on Friday and Saturday.

Canadians climbed well, but no one advanced to semis. Stacey Weldon placed 21st after the qualifying round and wrote on her Facebook page: “Well, I made some pretty silly mistakes today that cost me a spot in the semi-final round. I ended up one spot out, in 21st. So so so close. I learned a lot, and came away with lots of things to work on, but am definitely disappointed.”

Rustam Gelmanov, Jongwon Chon and Alban Levier  Photo On Bouldering

For the Canadian men, Jason Holowach finished in 45th, Shaun Hunter in 43rd, Erich Sethna in 35th and Andre DeFelice in 34th. World champion Sean McColl was back in the U.S.A. shooting America Ninja Warrior.

In the women’s Bouldering field, Petra Klingler took gold for the first time in an IFSC World Cup. She beat out the favourite Akiyo Noguchi of Japan by only one attempt. British climber Shauna Coxsey placed third, just like in the Chongqing and Vail world cups. Akiyo Noguchi still leads the overall ranking, but the pressure is on.

Akiyo Noguchi, Petra Klingler and Shauna Coxsey Photo On Bouldering

On the men’s side, Jongwon Chon of Korea took gold for the first time in an IFSC World Cup. Russia’s Rustam Gelmanov finished in second place and Toronto winner Alban Levier of France in third. All-time favourites Jan Hojer and Adam Ondra came fourth and fifth respectively, and they now stand a few points behind Jongwon Chon in the overall ranking.

In Speed, Qixin Zhong continued his perfect run of gold medals by posting yet another flawless performance in Haiyang. He dominated Ukrainian Danyil Boldyrev during finals, thus establishing himself as the clear leader in the overall ranking. Reza Alipourshena of Iran took third for his first podium spot of the season. Canadian Robert Stewart-Patterson finished in 15th.

In the women’s field, Anouck Jaubert of France won the gold and Anna Tsyganova of Russia came second. World Record owner Russian climber Iuliia Kaplina came third after a much-disputed small final against her teammate Mariia Krasavina, who now leads the overall ranking.