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Hard Spring 2017 Sends on Canada’s West Coast

Squamish has a lot of action this spring from climbers local and visiting. Over the past few weeks, there have been hard boulders and routes sent.

At Horne Lake, Julia Bobak sent Fast Cat 5.13c and noted after, “That drop down move is pretty unique. I enjoyed not tangling my legs in the rope at the crux the way I did every time on Globe Trotters.”

Bobak’s partner Marcel Aarden sent his first 5.14b last week with ADATO. Earlier this month, Yannick Neufeld-Cumming put down his longest project to date with Dinosaur Highway 5.14a after nearly sending it two-and-a-half years ago.

Also at Horne, regular contributor Rich Wheater ticked Jesus Saves the Pushers 5.13a and noted after, “After falling three times off the top last weekend I came a little unsure this time after not climbing for a week. I guess the rest was all I needed.”

Closer to Squamish, Nathan Hall sent Ill Communication 5.13b, Kyle Murdoch sent The Seam V10, Corinne Baril ticked Sesame Street V9, Tom Wright sent Practical Horseman 5.13a and Ayesha Khan sent Sesame Street V9 (click on clip below) and Stinger Left Low V8.

A few of the bigger sends include Jared Nelson’s send of Pulse 5.14a, the first 5.14 ever climbed in Canada. And Hans Christian Montenegro sent his first V13 with Vince Pinch Low.

A heads up to anyone heading to Squamish in the next few weeks, the Squamish Access Society has announced that the Squamish Buttress and routes around it are closed for nesting falcons. For more see here.

Projecting can take a toll on you physically and mentally. Ideally you will constantly make progress until the day you send, but it's not like that, you have bad days and the doubt slips into your mind. Luckily this route is so fun it never seemed like a chore to throw myself at it repeatedly. Yesterday I was able to clip the chains on the route that I've put more effort into than any other, the route that has consumed my thoughts and the first route in Canada to be graded 5.14 "Pulse"! Thanks for the catches and the good vibes!! 😁✌🏼 • 📷: @id_climb_that • • #e9_team_canada #climbonsquamish #e9 #e9clothing #climbon #climbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #sportclimbing #climbinginspiration #squamish #climbing_is_my_passion #knowyourroutes #grippedmagazine

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