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Hazel Findlay is first British woman to climb 5.14b

Hazel Findlay has become the first British Woman to climb 5.14b with her redpoint of Fish Eye at Oliana, Spain.

Findlay is known for her bold ascents around the globe, from E9 trad routes to Golden Gate on El Capitan, Yosemite.

Four British woman had climbed 5.14a before Findlay climbed Fish Eye. Lucy Creamer and Findlay had climbed Siurana’s Kalea Borroka , Mina Leslie-Wujastyk climbed Mecca, Raven Tor, and Katy Whittaker climbed China Crisis, Oliana.

Findlay told the BMC, “It felt really easy. On my previous highpoint attempt, I was power screaming, and I actually strained my forearms because I tried too hard when I was ridiculously pumped. That set me back for a few days, because I was trying to climb but I still felt pumped. The day I did it, it was actually a bit too hot but I’d rested for two days and I felt fresh.” For the complete interview see here.

Hazel Findlay  Photo The BMC
Hazel Findlay Photo The BMC

Watch Nina Caprez climb Fish Eye.