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Here’s Where to Ice Climb in Ontario Right Now

If you're looking for some fat ice, you'll have to head pretty far north but good swings can be found

Almost all of Ontario is experiencing cold temperatures and good ice-making conditions. The province is big and in some winters there are ice climbs formed at nearly all corners, from the northwest to the southeast.

So far in fall 2021, a lot of ice has formed north of Lake Huron, and around the shores of Lake Superior. One of Ontario’s must-visit areas is Orient Bay, where a dozen classic one- and two-pitch ice routes have been formed for a few weeks.

Ice is also forming around Sudbury and North Bay, but many of the well-known climbs are still in thin early-season conditions. The same goes for popular climbs around Bancroft and Ottawa. With any luck, there will be a few lines formed by the holidays.

For updated conditions in Northwestern Ontario follow the conversation on Facebook here, and for Southern Ontario visit here. Aric Fishman regularly posts ice updates on his Instagram.

Kermit’s Finger WI4 at Diamond Lake last winter