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Huge New Alpine Climb in California

Troll Toll follows a nice line up the Eiger of the Sierra at M5. It's had at least two ascents in the past two weeks

A new Alps-like alpine mixed route has been climbed on the east northeast face of Mount Morrison in California called Troll Toll, it goes at M5 over 600 metres. The peak is found in the Sierra Nevada, and this is now one of the hardest routes to date.

It was climbed by Jack Cramer, Tad McCrea, Vitaliy Musienko up a line of granite, ice and snow. Morrison is often called the Eiger of the Sierra due to its size, rock quality and difficult routes. Few climbers venture here.

This mountain range had one of its longest and snowiest winters on record, which is why this route formed up in such perfect conditions. They spent one night on the route, as establishing a route on the chossy metasedimentary rock is slow going.

Less than a week after the first ascent, Josh Wharton and Dylan Johnson made the second ascent in 10 hours car-to-car with five hours on route. There is still a short window to repeat it if you find yourself in the area.