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Hukkataival and Megos take skills to new heights

Nalle Hukkataival and Alex Megos have put their skills to the test on some big routes.

Hukkataival climbed one of Beat Kammerlander’s incredible six-pitch routes in Ratikon called Silbergeier 5.14a. Hukkataival reported on Facebook: We managed to climb the legendary multi-pitch Silbergeier in Rätikon! Partnered with Tomi Nytorp, I climbed the whole route free on June 21, after having checked out the pitches briefly over three days. Quite the experience as it was my first real multi-pitch. Afterwards we got to enjoy the view from the summit on a picture perfect summer day before rapping back down. What a good time and huge respect to Beat Kammerlander for opening such an incredible route.

Megos has made the first free ascent of the Fly, a 600-metre route in Staldeflue, Lauterbrunnental, Switzerland. It now ranks as one of the longest, hardest sport routes at 5.14b. The route was established groud-up by Roger Shcali, Michel Pitelka, Bernd Rathmayr, Markus Iff, Stephan Eder and Max Grossman.

Hukkataival on Silbergeier  Photo 8a.nu
Hukkataival on Silbergeier Photo 8a.nu
Megos on Fly 5.14b, 600 metres Photo Frank Kretschmann.
Megos on Fly 5.14b, 600 metres Photo Frank Kretschmann.


Source: The topo of Silbergeier is from Planet Mountain here 

Source: 8a.nu, Rock and Ice