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Ice Climber Dies Saving Partner’s Life

A climber has died after being struck by falling ice, but not before pushing another climber out of the way. Our condolences to the friends and family of the deceased

Photo by: Duchesne County Sheriff's Office

A 41-year-old ice climber died yesterday while climbing with two friends on Raven Fall near Indian Canyon after a large section of the climb collapsed. The climber is being named by friends on social media as Meg O’Neill from Salt Lake City, whose handle was granitenomad on Instagram.

Reports say that O’Neill was struck by falling ice after pushing her climbing partner out of the way. A 21-year-old female was belaying a 34-year-old male on lead when the ice collapsed. The climber fell 40 feet and suffered serious injuries, but the belayer, thanks to O’Neill, was left physically unharmed and left to get help.

“Unfortunately, the climber that pushed her fellow climber out of the way of the falling ice was trapped underneath two huge blocks of ice and did not survive,” the sheriff’s office stated. The recovery effort took 30 hours. “Our sincere condolences to all affected by this tragedy, to the family of this brave, courageous woman who lost her life while saving another,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “We hope that all may find comfort and all the warm support will prevail over your hearts while mourning the loss of your loved one.”

The group Embark Outdoors posted the following: “We have lost a dear friend, a hero, and our fearless leader. Our Meg was in a terrible accident while ice climbing in Duchesne County. In an act so true to Meg, she made sure the others on the ground were safe before she was killed by falling debris.” Our condolences go to O’Neill’s family and friends.

Lead photo: Duchesne County Sheriff's Office