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Isabelle Faus Sends Colorado Sends Wheel of Chaos V14

Isabelle Faus is continuing her sending spree with her second V14. In Colorado, she has ticked Wheel of Chaos, which sits at an elevation of about 3,600 metres. Faus began working the project last year and it would take her a few days to learn the moves. This year, she progressed quickly. The climber’s source 8a.nu reported Faus saying, “Then the battle started. I went up there maybe six times after the first day of getting very close. Basically I would get to the jug like three times a session and 75 per cent of the time fall because my skin was to dry/cold or my foot would pop off the smears.

“Rarely did I feel like I was falling because I was too tired, always my third try of the day I would pump out but the first tries always felt really good. In the end I probably made it to the jug more than 20 times… Really amazing boulder with great movement, so satisfying.” Faus had previously sent Amandla V14 in Rocklands, South Africa. The Wheel of Chaos was first sent by Daniel Woods and has been repeated by others, including Alex Puccio and Jan Cardwell.