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Isabelle Faus Sends Memory is Parallax V14

Isabelle Faus has sent her third V14+ with a tick of Memory is Parallax in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

The problem was first climbed by Dave Graham in 2011. Faux had previously climbed Amandla V14 in Rocklands in 2015 and Wheel of Chaos V15 in 2016.

‘My proudest ascent, beautiful boulder with a great line,” said Faus on 8a.nu. “Wasn’t really sure if it would actually go down but so psyched! The day before I felt super shitty… didn’t really have any expectation but to just stay in tune with it… then I found some fresh beta and took it down.”

Faus recently told Rock and Ice, “I tried for a long time to get sponsored, but there was no money. In America, there’s basically no one making enough money to survive off their sponsorship alone. Even some of the best are still working at the climbing gym.

“I don’t really think I’m missing out too much. I don’t spend too much time in the gym so I don’t have to be in contact with it all the time. This past summer though, I was climbing in Rocky Mountain and I was cleaning a boulder to put up the FA.

“I was taking broken stuff off of it. I was alone and had hiked like five miles to get there. This group started yelling at me for it, and I was like, ‘Where did they come from?’”

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