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Jacob Cook Sends New 5.13d Slab in Squamish

British crusher Jacob Cook has ticked a new 5.13d in Squamish at the Lower Tier of Crag X at the Smoke Bluffs. This first free ascent is only a day after Stu Smith climbed a new 5.14a/b called Two Thumb Press at the Smoke Bluffs.

Cook called his new route The Magician and wrote on Instagram, “The craziest slab I’ve ever climbed, requiring dynamic movement, timing and poise to flow upwards. Thanks to Marc-Andre Leclerc for having the vision, putting the bolt in and then showing me the line. It’s almost impossible to grade routes like this because they feel magically easy when they go and impossible every other time. It’s definitely a notch harder than Smashing Windows 5.13c up the hill, which is why I went for 5.13d.”

The Magician climbs a slab to the right of The Technician 5.12d, which was first climbed by Leclerc. The popular route at the crag is Easter Island. Cook has a number of hard slab routes to his name, including Peace 5.13c in California.

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