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Jakob Schubert and Domen ŠKofic Send 5.15 at Flatanger

On May 29, Jakob Schubert and Domen Kofic sent two very different 5.15s at Norway’s Flatanger. “Yesterday, Jakob Schubert and I hopped on a sending train,” said Kofic who sent Adam Ondra’s route Thor’s Hammer, which is the longest line in the cave. Schubert, on the other hand, focused on the shortest route at the grade and clipped the chains on Kangaroo’s Limb.

As Thor’s Hammer has been repeated a number of times over the past year, there have been few mentions of Kangaroo’s Limb, which is a left variation to Kangaroo’s Dyno. Ondra sent it in 2013 and said it was “the cheater’s way.” They then both sent Nordic Flower 5.14b.

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