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Jakob Schubert Sends Joe Mama 5.15 in Spain

Jakob Schubert started his recent trip to Oliana, Spain, with a send of Joe Mama 5.15a. He attempted the route about a month before the send and nailed it on his second try this trip. On Instagram, he wrote, “Perfect start into the trip today at Oliana. After falling on the last move of Joe Mama on my last trip in November, I went up once to warm up today and sent an hour later.

“I have been doing only bouldering and power training in December and was a little worried about my endurance but once again I saw how much such training even helps on 40-metre monsters.” Joe Kinder bolted the route a few years ago and Slovenian Klemen Bečan made the first ascent after three months of projecting and graded it 5.14d, but it has since been upgraded.

Watch Chris Sharma make the second ascent below.