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Jakob Schubert Climbs 5.15b

Jakob Schubert has become one of the few climbers to send the grade of 9b or 5.15b, including Bernabe Fernandez, Adam Ondra, Dani Andrada, Magnus Midtboe, Fred Rouhling and Chris Sharma.

The 24-year-old Schubert made the third ascent of Fight or Flight in Oliana this week.

Schubert is Lead World Cup Leader of 2014

Schubert reported on 8a.nu: “Yes, definitely the best finish of the year I could ask for and the coolest birthday gift. I’ve been dreaming of sending the 9b grade for a while. I made a short one-week trip to Oliana at the end of November and tried the route for the first time. Unfortunately, I only got to climb half of the route for two days because it was wet and raining all the time. Sachi Amma told me the beta, which was obviously extremely helpful. I returned the Dec. 17 and after two weeks of spending most of my time on the line, I was able to pull it off at the third day on and at on the third try of the day.”

Jakob Scubert on Fight or Flight  Photo Woodslave Productions
Jakob Schubert on Fight or Flight Photo Woodslave Productions