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Jan Hojer Repeats Es Pontas, 5.15b Deep Water Solo

Jan Hoger has made the third ascent of Es Pontas in Mallorca, a 20-metre deep water solo up a stunning arch. Hojer recently took third in the World Championships combined in Innsbruck.

“Thanks Chris Sharma, you sure know how I feel right now,” said Hojer. “Thanks so much for putting up this route. Your vision is the only reason I got to experience all of this.”

The first ascent was by Chris Sharma in 2006 and it was repeated by Jernej Kruder in 2016. Hojer had been projecting the line with him.

Watch Sharma Send

Sharma never graded the overhanging route with a dyno that was featured in a Reel Rock film called King Lines, but Kruder said it was 5.15b.

After Sharma made the first ascent, he said, “Since I started deep-water soloing. I’ve wanted to find something that’s at my limit — that’s really a project.

“I wanted to find something comparable to Realization, taking it to the highest level possible.”

The two-metre dyno is 10 metres above the sea and took Sharma over 50 attempts before he stuck it.

“Ever since I watched King Lines for the first time, I’ve been dreaming about this moment,” said Hojer.

“Climbing the last easy part with nothing underneath me but the sea and 20 metres of air was the most free I have ever felt on a route.”

Kruder and Es Pontas

In 2015, Sharma said in an interview with Climbing, “And finally you’re interacting with the ocean, knowing how to deal with the sea. For all these reasons, deep water soloing embodies for me the perfect form of climbing.

“Take Es Pontas for instance, it’s a route I put up in Mallorca. It’s 5.15, but I can solo it. For me, that’s as good as it gets.”

Watch Hojer on Es Pontas