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Japan Hosted a Bouldering Cup, Here’s Who Won

Four Olympic-qualified climbers competed as the Games are set to start in less than six months

The Tokyo Olympics are set to start in less than six months. On July 23, athletes from around the world are hoping to come together in Japan for the Summer Games. This past weekend saw the first bouldering competition in the country of 2021.

The winner for women was Ai Mori, 17, who squeaked through to the finals in last place to go on to win gold over Olympic-qualified Miho Nonaka. For the men, Kokoro Fujii crushed finals with tops of all four problems in only six attempts. Tomoa Narasaki, who is qualified for the Olympics, finished in second.

Two other Olympic-qulified climbers finished off the podium, with Akiyo Noguchi not making finals in seventh and Kai Harada finishing in sixth. Alannah Yip and Sean McColl will be representing Canada at the Olympics.

Finals Men/Women

1. Kokoro Fujii / Ai Mori
2. Tomoa Narasaki / Miho Nonaka
3. Yoshiyuki Ogata / Futaba Ito