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Waddington Range: One Month, New Ground and an Avalanche

Japanese climbers Noboru Kikuchi of Japan and Yamada Toshiyuki and Takeshi Tani of Alberta spent the past month in the Waddington Range on Canada’s West Coast. They climbed the north face of Bravo via a new variation of Floydesque IV 5.8 WI4, the south face of Asperity (potentially a new line), skied the Dragon Back and traversed Mount Waddington from east to west. Their potential new route climbs nice corners up to 5.10 and follow the red line below.

Red Line is potential new route on Asperity. Takeshi Tani
Red Line is potential new route on Asperity. Photo John Scurlock 

Their main goalwas a single-push including Mount Combantant, Tiedemann and Waddington from the Rainy Knob to Plummer hut. After a descent from Bravo, a wet size-one avalanche took them for a ride for about 50 metres. Toshiyuki suffered a back injury and spent the next two weeks recovering at base camp.

During a bad weather spell, Kikuchi and Tani enjoyed skiing big lines. When the weather improved, they attempted their objective again, but Kikuchi injured his knee on Waddington. Tani said the climbing was spectacular and he spied a number of new routes for next year. Flip through the photos of their trip below.

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