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Jernej Kruder Repeats Chris Sharma’s Pontax 5.14c

Jernej Kruder, 20, has made the likely second ascent of Pontax 5.14c in Spain. The Mallorca deep water solo route was first climbed by Chris Sharma in 2005. This was Kruder’s first visit to the area and made quick work of a deep water solo route called Weather Man 5.13. Watch Sharma on his Mallorca routes below.

Kruder made the first repeat of the famous dyno move the big arch of Es Pontas 5.15a and continued to the top up Pontax. The crux of Es Pontas is the upper arete. The dyno move is one of the wildest in deep water soloing and starts 10 metres above the sea. It took Kruder a few days and about 10 attempts to stick the dyno.

Kruder and German Jan Hojer are working on sending Es Pontas. Hojer has linked the upper section on top rope and Kruder is working it ground-up. After his Pontax send, Kruder wrote on Instagram, “Bam! Yesterday I stuck the dyno, but this time decided to finish in direct finish named Pontax. Chris Sharma opened this line a year before he sent Es Pontas, so it must be a second ascent after 11 years.

“Luckily I feel more comfortable on dyno now, so I started working on original line. Together with Jan Hojer, we’re getting higher now and I think we have equal chances of success. So there is no battle for second ascent, because after 10 years, a few days wouldn’t make any difference. Let’s hope the waves calm down and we can be back in the game.”

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