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Jernej Kruder Sends Metafizika, New V15

Jernej Kruder has made the first ascent of a new V15 in Slovenia called Metafizika.

“Wind of change has blown through Slovenia today,” said Kruder. “Fresh cold breeze with addition of bright autumn rays that warm up your heart, keep your hands dry and cold enough to finish off second Slovenian 8c (V15) boulder problem.”

Kruder recently won the 2018 Adidas Rockstars in Germany after competing at the world championships.

“In one year (2012), I climbed 37 boulders graded V12 or more. I did the fourth ascent of one of the hardest boulders in the world.

“On the new year trip to Cresciano, Switzerland I sent The Story of Two Worlds V15.”

Metafizika First Ascent:

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