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Jimmy Webb and Alex Puccio Send Hard Boulders

Alex Puccio has sent her first V13 since have an operation on her spine this summer with a tick of Terre De Sienne. Puccio has sent a number of V13s and V14s, including Jade and Wheel of Chaos.

Psyched to have done my first V13/ 8B boulder, "Terre De Sienne", after my Spinal surgery, fusion, just over 5 months ago!!! In all honestly this come back has taken longer then my knee reconstruction last year in 2015. Even tho the actual Injury this time healed faster, 3 months for it to fuse, I was not able to do ANYTHING with my arms for almost 3 FULL month! 😳 I thought this time it would be faster and easier, but with my knee injury I think I actually got stronger since I was hangboarding and campusing just 2 weeks after surgery and then one foot climbing just 1 month after. Even tho I still don't feel quite as strong as before my injury it's nice to see these improvements! I just have to keep telling myself that I will get back there and more!!! 🙄 I guess what I take away from all of this is that my arms are WAY more important then my legs. 😉 Thanks for all the support and 📸 @joelzerr ! #bouldering #womenwhoclimb #gettingstronger #timehealsallwounds #8Bagain @e9clothing @us_e9 @scarpana @petzl_official @frictionlabs @sendclimbing @kiltergrips

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Jimmy Webb made the second ascent of Kintsugi V15 in the Mud Springs Canyon at Red Rock, Nevada. The first ascent was by Nalle Hukkataival in January 2015. In the past few weeks, Reflecting Pool V13, the first ascent of Wookie Charms V12 and Dominated V13 in Yosemite.