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Joe Kinder Sends Project, Possibly New 5.15a

His first 5.14d was over 20 years ago and since then he's established some of the most difficult sport climbs in the U.S.A.

Joe Kinder has made another hard first ascent with Mamajamma (pronounced ma’am-uh-jam-uh.) an an undisclosed crag in the U.S.A. He bolted it in March 2020 and spent 25 to 30 days projecting it over the past few years.

He reported on social media, “The perfect white face of clean rock that meets the flap and continues to connect with JoeXotic… I hate grading this particular route for a number of reasons, but my personal, honest belief and feeling for me is 9a+ [5.15a].” Scroll right in the post below to watch a clip.

Kinder, 42, sent his first 5.14d in 2008, as 8a.nu reports, and has climbed 16 routes at 5.14d and 5.15a out of which nine are first ascents – including Bone Tomahawk 5.14d/15a and Life of Villans 5.15a.