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Joe Rockhead’s Tour De Bloc Nationals and CEC Regionals

On March 7 and 8, Joe Rockhead’s hosted the 2014/15 Tour De Bloc Nationals /CEC Regionals.

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Over 40 men and 20 women competed through a qualifying round with only eight climbers from each advancing to the final round.

Full Results

A challenging qualifying round saw many top climbers shuffled throughout the rankings, with several crowd favorites making it through to finals.

For the men, Julien Bourassa-Moreau held the first place spot moving into into the final round followed by Ville Tiukuvaara, and Sebastien Lazure. For the women, Kristina Jellema took the first place slot followed by Jelisa Dunbar and Veronique Gosselin.

After and excited finals round Yves Gravelle topped all four problems for the win, followed by Andre DeFelice and Sebastien Lazure. On the women’s side, Kerry Briggs displayed incredible strength- flashing all four problems, followed by Jelisa Dunbar in second and Esti Tweg in third.

Joe Rockhead’s Tour de Bloc Nationals Photo Aidas Odonelis