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Jon Cardwell Gets 20th Ascent of La Rambla 5.15a

There are a few single-pitch test-piece climbs in the world that will remain newsworthy when sent, La Rambla is one of them.

And Jon Caldwell has made the 20th ascent of the famous sport route. This is the second send of 2018, the first being by Tomás Ravanal a few weeks ago.

La Rambla is a 41-metre 5.15a at El Pati Crag in Siurana, Spain. Ramon Julian Puigblanque got the first ascent in 2003 after 40 attempts.

There was an origial, shorter, version of the route first climbed by Alex Huber who graded it 5.14+. That section now goes at 5.15a.

La Rambla, more properly called La rambla Extension, La rambla Direct or La rambla Original is a famously difficult 41 metres (135 ft) long route located at the El Pati crag in Siurana, Catalonia (Spain).

The steep route had five ascents in 2017, one by Margo Hayes for the first female send of a 5.15a.

The 20 La Rambla Climbers
1. Ramon Julian Puigblanque
2. Edu Marín Garcia in 2006
3. Chris Sharma in 2006
4. Andreas Bindhammer in 2007
5. Patxi Usobiaga in 2007 – after nine tries
6. Adam Ondra in 2008 – after five tries – Video
7. Enzo Oddo in 2011
8. Sachi Amma in 2012
9. Felix Neumärker in 2013
10. Sangwon Son in 2013
11. Alexander Megos in 2013
12. Daniel Jung in 2014
13. Jonathan Siegrist in 2015
14. Matty Hong in 2017
15. Margo Hayes in 2017
16. Stefano Ghisolfi in 2017
17. Jacopo Larcher in 2017
18. Klemen Becan in 2017
19. Tomás Ravanal in 2018
20. Jon Cardwell in 2018