Jon Siegrist had a big 2017 with a number of impressive sends, including Pachamama 5.15a/b in Spain.

The climber’s site noted that Siegrist has signed up with 270 ascents, including 10 5.14d or harder from this year.

Rock and Ice recently published an interview with Siegrist. In it, Tim Foote asked: “After one of the best years climbing of your life, what’s been a highlight aside from those sends?”

Siegrist said: “The first thing that comes to mind is two long nights of seeing my favorite musician play—once in Atlanta and once in Barcelona. They were two of my favorite nights out in years.

“It was also just rad to take a step back from training and spend so much time out on rock: outside with friends and dogs and the sun… Living in my truck like back in the day and exploring a couple of new-to-me crags like Pop Tire, Utah, and some in Spain as well like Figols and Santa Linya.”

The article touches on his goals and sends from the year, which include the following 10 climbs.

Los Incomformistas 5.14d in Rodellar, Spain
Planet Garbage 5.14d in Rifle, Colorado
The Club 5.14d in Rifle, Colorado
Mutation 5.14d in Wild Iris, Wyoming
La Reina Mora 5.14d in Siurana, Spain
20 Anos Despues 5.14d in Siurana, Spain
Bachelor Party 5.14d in Potosi, Nevada
Joe Mama 5.15a in Oliana, Spain
Chaxi 5.15a in Oliana, Spain
Pachamama 5.15a/b in Oliana, Spain

“As soon as I was of an acceptable weight and age (speculative), I started belaying my Dad,” said Siegrist in a short biography he wrote for Arc’teryx.

“The year 2014 was defined by my ambition to climb the legendary route, Biographie 5.15a, front and centre at perhaps the best sport climbing venue in the world: Ceuse, France.

“I adopted a new training regiment and a new attitude for this climb. To stay sharp before my journey to Europe I polished off some lingering projects in the Las Vegas area including La Lune 5.14d, Spectrum 5.14c/d and Sacred and Profane 5.14c. All first ascents.

“Back in the states I returned for my third year to the Fins in Idaho where I added several new 5.14s and even an incredible 13dR traditional route.”

Watch Siegrist climb at Lion’s Head in Ontario a few years ago.

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