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Jonathan Siegrist Digs Deep for 5.15b Send

This is the fifth ascent of the overhanging test-piece that was first climbed a decade ago

Jonathan Siegrist has made the sixth ascent of Stoking the Fire 5.15b in Catalunya, Spain. Siegrist, who’s climbed several 5.15s, said, “This drive took me to some dark places, and also some truly inspiring ones. Ultimately it forced my surrender to an extent that I have not felt before.”

Chris Sharma made the first ascent in 2013 and it was then repeated by Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert and Sachi Amma. After his first ascent, Sharma said, “Today in Santa Linya was one of those illusive moments. I sent a project that I’ve been trying for the last few years. I think I’m going to call it Stoking The Fire and I think it’s pretty solid 9b [5.15b]. So many hard complex sequences with no rests.”

Days before sending Stoking the Fire, Siegrist said, “Doing my best to practice patience and trust in the process. Stoking the Fire is truly one of the best challenges I’ve faced in my climbing for years. I’m grateful.” This is the first repeat of the route in four years.

Siegrist is one of the world’s best sport climbers. He’s now sent five 5.15b sport routes: Event Horizon, Peruvian Necktie, La Planta de Shiva and Jumbo Love. He’s climbed over  20 5.15a routes, and around 50 at 5.14d. Last summer, he visited Squamish where he repeated Spirit Quest 5.14d. In February, he climbed a new 5.14/15a in Colorado called Back to the Future.

Stoking the Fire 5.15b on Film