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Jonathan Siegrist Flashes a New 5.14a

With beta from Alex Honnold, Siegrist managed to make the first ascent of an old project at La Madre

Jonathan Siegrist is arguably North America’s most active 5.15 climber, with several first ascents and repeats up to 5.15b. Despite warm temperatures in Nevada this month, Siegrist recently climber two 5.14s in style.

First, he onsighted a steep route called Herbivore Dyno-soar, a 5.14a in Red Rocks, which was first climbed by Canadian Steve Townshend two decades ago. The now iconic route is found on the Secret 13 Wall. The climb is famous for its two-metre dyno from an edge to a pocket, along with other dynamic moves. Siegrist said that route was not his style, and that he notes it’s likely a soft 5.14a or even 5.13d.

Siegrist then turned his sights to an old project that Alex Honnold and Tyler Wilcutt had been projecting at La Madres. Siegrist reported on 8a.,nu, “Alex and I climb together a lot. So he knows how to give me good beta. He knows when I likely won’t be able to reach something and tells me some potential other options. And he knows that I will probably skip most knee bars. ” He called the route Alien vs Predator 5.14a.

Siegrist has spent extensive time climbing in Canada over the years, and repeated several 5.14s in the Rockies and Squamish. We have a feature story on him in the upcoming issue of Gripped magazine.