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Jonathan Siegrist Sends La Rambla 5.15a

American climber Jonathan Siegrist recently sent La Rambla 5.15a. In the fall of 2014, he visited Ontario’s Lion’s Head and previous to that he climbed Realization 5.15a. 

Jonathan Siegrist on Batman 5.13d Photo Michael Williams
Jonathan Siegrist climbing at Ontario’s Lion’s Head on Batman 5.13d in the fall of 2014. Siegrist recently sent La Rambla 5.15a in Spain. Photo Michael Williams

Alex Huber made the first ascent in 1994 and it was repeated nine years later by Ramón Julián Puigblanque in 2003, after nearly fifty tries.

Huber’s original 1994 route ended at a set of chains but Puigblanque linked the route to another line and it’s known as La Rambla extension.

Siegrist Visits Ontario

Huber gave his line 5.14c, Puigblanque upgraded Huber’s original La Rambla to 5.15a, the short seven-metre extension did not increase the grade, which makes La Rambla the first 5.15a ever climbed, many years before Chris Sharma’s Realization, 5.15a.

Sonnie Trotter was with Siegrist and wrote this on his Facebook page

“The eye of the tiger. Yesterday, my buddy Jonathan Siegrist sent his two week long project La Rambla with precision and authority.

“This incredibly classic line marks the second 5.15 of J-Star’s career. Jonathan trained harder than ever for three solid months (on top of his already impressive decade long rise in sport climbing) and stuck to the program until he clipped the chains yesterday afternoon.

Watch Siegrist Climb Realization 5.15a

“I think anyone who has witnessed Jonathan operate will agree that he’s quite an inspiration in showing what hard work and dedication can really do. Everything he does brings him closer to his goals. Congrats Jonathan on another milestone, representing the RADO as Tommy would say.”

Known Repeats of La Rambla Extension:

Edu Marín in 2006
Chris Sharma in 2006 – a day after Edu Marín
Andreas Bindhammer in 2007
Patxi Usobiaga in 2007 – after nine tries
Adam Ondra in 2008 – after five tries
Enzo Oddo in 2011
Felix Neumärker in 2013
Alexander Megos in 2013 – on his second attempt
Sangwon Son in 2013
Daniel Jung in 2014
Jonathan Siegrist 2015

Watch Chris Sharma on La Rambla: