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Jorg Verhoeven Sends Wheel of Life V15

Jorg Verhoeven has sent Wheel of Life V15 in Australia after five days of effort.

Verhoeven is a world cup champion and big wall free climber, but he’s also one of the world’s strongest boulderers.

“YEAH!! I climbed the Wheel of Life, one of my all time dream problems!” Verhoeven reported on Instagram.

“After working the 60+ moves into perfection I gave it one good go a day and ended up on top on day five. I took the full experience topping out at the highest point and thus adding a little spice to the end… Don’t get me wrong, but compared to free climbing The Nose, I’m almost a little sad it’s over.”

Jorg Verhoeven on Wheel of Life.  Photo Jon Glassberg (@louderthan11)
Jorg Verhoeven on Wheel of Life. Photo Jon Glassberg (@louderthan11)

Dai Koyamada made the first ascent in 2004 and later a direct finish was climbed by James Kassay. Verhoeven made the 10th ascent overall.

Watch James Kassey send Wheel of Life:

BD athlete James Kassay climbs the Wheel of Life Direct from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

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