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Josh Muller Sends King of Limbs, V14

Josh Muller and Regan Kennedy are Getting After the Sandstone Blocks North of Cape Town

Canadian climbers Regan Kennedy and Josh Muller are sampling the sandstone boulders in Rockland, South Africa, where Muller just a V14.

Since arriving in Rocklands, Muller has climbed: No Late Benders V11, Royksoop V11, Barracuda V11 and the Hatchling V11 and King of Limbs V14. One of his three V14’s he has sent, he says, ‘Went down really quick, super cool climb.’

At Hueco Tanks, December, 2011, Muller sent Loaded Direct, his first V12. Since then he has been climbing strong and consistently as one of Canada’s strongest boulderers.

Gripped touched base with Kennedy, who is in South Africa this morning, and she had this to say, “We’ve been here for three weeks now and it has taken that long for us to get into the swing of the climbing here. Not exactly sure how to explain it other than incredible- big moves, sharp holds, unique movement and endless, endless climbing. My plan was to stay mostly on moderates to get a feel for the place, but even those were tough for me. Now, we are starting complete the projects we have, they are scattered around the different climbing areas. I’ve put away some of my moderate projects and Josh sent a V14, King of Limbs.”

Congratulations Muller on another V14. Everyone at Gripped is stoked for you!

Josh’s Blog: http://josh-muller.com/

Regan’s Blog: http://regankennedy.wordpress.com/

Josh on King of Limbs, V14   Photo Nathan Gerhardt

Muller on Hatchling, V11  Photo Regan Kennedy

Kennedy Locks in a Kneebar   Photo Josh Muller