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Joshua Ibbertson Repeats U.K.’s First 5.15b

He's previous hardest routes were 5.14d and he climbed his first 5.13b at the age of 10

Joshua Ibbertson has repeated Rainman 5.15b at the Malham Cave in the U.K. The 18-year-old went on a sending spree last year taking down some of the country’s most difficult sport climbs.

In Kilnsey, he made the fifth ascent of Northern Lights 5.14d and over in Malham he climbed Batman 5.14d. He started climbing outdoors at a young age thanks to his parents. After his send of Northern Lights, he said, “So happy to tick this historic route, bolted by Ben Moon and first climbed by Steve McClure. It ended up being a bit of a battle with conditions as it got wet after I dropped it near the chains a few weeks ago. Today a strong wind meant that the start was finally dry enough to climb without ending up with wet hands for the rest of the route and I clipped the chains first go of the day.”

Considered Britain’s hardest route, Rainman is a link-up of the crux of Rainshadow 5.14d, Batman 5.14d and the finish of Bat Route 5.14b. Steve McClure spent 128 days projecting Rainman before making the first ascent in 2017. Earlier this year, Eder Lomba climbed it after 46 days of effort.

Adam Ondra attempted Rainman in 2017, shortly after making the first ascent of Silence 5.15d, but didn’t have much time to work on it.

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