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Julia Bobak’s Strong Start to Project-Sending Summer

Julia Bobak is a Victoria-based British Columbia climber originally from New Brunswick who’s hoping to continue her spring sending spree into the summer.

University of Victoria research assistant Julia Bobak, 27, has been climbing for eight years and says that her obsession levels have recently amped up.

During the past month, she has sent over a dozen 5.12s including Vancouver Island’s Born to Run Extension 5.12a, Brilliant Disguise 5.12a, Warthog 5.12a, Code of Honour 5.12c and Smooth Bore 5.12c.

Julia Bobak on Priapism in Skaha.  Photo
Julia Bobak on Priapism 5.12a in Skaha. Photo James Harada-Down

On a recent trip to Skaha, Bobak ticked some of the area’s must-climb 5.12s, including Orrgasmo 5.12a, Acid Test 5.12a, Building a Mystery 5.12a, Priapism 5.12a, Salvation 5.12b, Nurse Minitweak 5.12b and A Fine Balance 5.12b.

“I want to send my first 5.13 this summer, but I haven’t chosen one yet,” said Bobak.

“I got my ass kicked by Devil’s Note 5.13a this weekend and I’ve heard good things about Ibiza 5.13a in Squamish, but haven’t tried it. I also need to check out Feed Your Monkey 5.13a.”

Bobak is not just in search of hard sport routes, “I have unfinished business with some Squamish boulders, too,” she said. “Such as Golden Boy V7, The Fuzz V7 and Minor Threat V6.”

Julia Bobak climbing one of Squamish's many classic problems.  Photo David Le
Julia Bobak climbing one of Squamish’s many classic problems. Photo David Le

Spoken like a truly dedicated climber, Bobak said, “I have way more projects than I do time.”

With so many hard sends so early in the season, it sounds like the summer of 2015 will be a season of redpoints for west coaster Bobak.

Follow Julia this summer on her Sendage.com card.