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Jupiter Shift is New West Coast Alpine Mixed

Brette Harrington and Marc-Andre Leclerc climbed an aesthetic new route up Station-D near Mount Slesse.

Harrington led every pitch up the 200-metre M5+ they called Jupiter Shift. “I’m very proud to have completed my winter climbing project yesterday,” said Harrington on Instagram.

The rising gash splits the north face of the peak and Harrington had been eyeing it up for more than a year.

The accomplished duo spent three nights up in the mountains with temperatures dipping to -20°C.

The large dihedral has a mix of rock, ice and nevé with a number of cruxes.

“A super great little route very reminiscent of climbing in Scotland but with a big atmosphere and interesting views of the Slesse group,” said Leclerc.

Leclerc and Harrington recently made the second ascent of The Theft at Bridge River with Steve Janes. See more here.

Scroll through photos of Jupiter Shift below.

I’m very proud to have completed my winter climbing project yesterday . This striking line on the North face of Station-D peak had been enticing me for a year and with the freezing temps of recent we finally got the right window to climb it. First ascent of Jupiter Shift, 200m M5+, 85 degrees. The route climbs this beautiful gash in the mountain where ice and nevé collect around technical rocky mixed climbing. Some trickery is involved to get through the various cruxes. Thanks @mdre92 for letting me lead every pitch. I’m glad to be down from the mountains now; three long nights in -20 really does wear you down. Thanks @inespapert for sending me these warm down pants, I don’t think I would have made it without them. 🌬❄️❄️☃️ @arcteryx #arcteryx @lasportivana @julboeyewearna #celebratewild #alpineclimbing #northcascades @mtwaddingtons

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