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K2, Poop and Guns Trending in Outdoor Media

There was a lot to celebrate in climbing this week, but it was poop, K2 and guns that were and are trending in the mainstream media for the outdoors.

Things like news leading to the Canadian Nationals this weekend, Deanne Buck becoming the president of the American Alpine Club, Andrew Wilson becoming Canada’s head coach, new ice routes in B.C and Alberta, Noah Beek from B.C. winning gold at Europe’s Ice Cup and Adam Ondra climbing his 100th 5.14d all many be too niche for big media to cover.

That’s why we covered it all here. But there are some good articles worth a read if you’re interested in poop, K2 and guns below.


After Denis Urubko left his expedition for a solo attempt up the peak to make the first winter ascent, mainstream media caught on after National Geographic published a piece.

NatinoalGeographic.com: Climber Breaks From Team, Attempts and Abandons Solo Ascent of ‘Savage Mountain’

TheTimes.com: I’m not sorry, says Denis Urubko, mutinous mountaineer expelled from Polish K2 team

TheAtlantic.com: The World’s Most Difficult Mountain May Soon Be Fully Conquered


After it was announced that climbers would have to carry out their own poop from Denali, mainstream media saw the clickbait potential.

TheGuardian.com: Peak poop: climbers of tallest mountain in US told to take their feces home

LiveScience.com: America’s Tallest Mountain Has a Serious Human Poop Problem

DeadSpin.com: Climbers Are Taking Too Many Dumps On Denali

Photo: Edited by Dan McQuade / Deadspin (Original via National Park Service)


After it became public that CamekBak and other outdoor brands are owned by a company tied to assault rifle production, all hell broke loose surrounding MEC carrying some products.

GearJunkie.com: Gun Control Debate Causes MEC to Drop CamelBak, Vista Brands


OutsideOnline.com: Should Our Morals Determine Our Gear Purchases?

CBC.com: Mountain Equipment Co-op to stop selling Vista Outdoor products

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