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K2 Summit Push Begins – Canadians Among Climbers

Climbers are hoping to reach the summit once the next good weather window arrives later this week

K2 climbing ascend himalayas

There are hundreds of climbers ready to make an attempt at summiting K2, the second highest mountain in the world. There are currently fixed lines to camp three, but nothing higher due to bad weather and winds.

Quebec-based climbers Richard Cartier et Justin Dubé-Fahmy are among a team of climbers hoping to make an attempt at the summit this month. The other climbers with the Canadians, include Jacob Wetche, Rob Springer, Rémi Berranger, Matthew Eakin and Rick Agnew.

“Bad weather in the mountains forced us to stay at base camp,” Dubé-Fahmy said on July 18. “The moral is high. A weather window opens in a few days. We have lunch, sleep, dinner, sleep, soup, sleep. We take the time to have a little “bath”, wash our clothes, read and meet the other climbers in the camp.”

In 2021, Canadian Ian Weslted and American Graham Zimmerman attempted to climb a new route up K2 but bailed due to extremely warm temps.

There are several climbers hoping to set records and to make history this season, including Wasfia Nazreen who will become the first Bangladeshi climber to summit K2 if she’s successful.