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K6 FA Team Acting Like “Bigg Kidds” in the Rockies

Rockies duo climb big new ice route on Mount Kidd

The Evan Thomas Creek in Kananaskis Country near Calgary is home to dozens of quality ice routes. On the approaching trail there is a view of Mount Kidd, 2,958 m, across the valley. Mount Kidd is a hefty massif with two summits and a number of routes, winter and summer. From the right angle on the Evan Thomas trail you can see a large ice route, speculation about the route has often circulated coffee shops and pubs. Now, the duo who climbed the often tried K6 West route in Pakistan which gained them a nomination for the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award, have climbed it.

Ian Welsted and Raphael Slawinski climbed, what is perhaps, the last obvious big ice line in the Eastern Rockies and named it Bigg Kidd, 150 m, WI5, M7+.

Bigg Kidd, 150 m, WI5, M7+ Photo Raphael Slawinski / Ian Welsted
Bigg Kidd, 150 m, WI5, M7+ Photo Raphael Slawinski / Ian Welsted
Mount Kidd, yellow line marks Bigg Kidd

K6 West

Route Description

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