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Kami Rita Sherpa Going for Record 23rd Everest Summit

Kami Rita Sherpa said his goal is to climb Everest a record 25 times

A cyclone and high winds have been the biggest story on Everest this week, with many climbers being stranded in base camp as tents were tossed around. With the jet stream moving off the summit this week, expeditions are resuming as planned.

As climbers in base camp prepare to start up fixed ropes, a number of Sherpas are at the South Col preparing to finish rope-fixing to the summit. Among those in the summit team is Kami Rita Sherpa, who’s climbed Everest a record 22 times.

His 22nd ascent of the world’s highest peak was May 2018 at the age of 49. He’s hoping to break his own record this week. “Records are made to be broken,” Rita said before heading to the Everest earlier this spring.

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Kami Rita Sherpa, is now in Everest Basecamp after completing his all acclimatization rotation. Kami who holds the record of “Most Ascents of Mt Everest by an individual” having 22 successful ascents will soon attempt to the summit Mt. Everest for 23rd times. This Spring Kami Rita is leading Indian government Everest expedition which is organized by SST @sevensummittreks / 14 Peak Expedition. Binod Adhirari a renowned film maker and Tashi Sherpa, both will be producing a documentary on Kami’s climbing and his adventurous life’s journey. The movie team is already at Base camp since a month and following Kami Rita’s trail. “The name of this movie will be STEP 23 as Kami will be stepping his foot to the summit of Everest for 23rd times” – Binod Adhikari. Let’s wish him all the best ! ? ? #everest2019 #sst #everestexpedition2019 #nepal #everest2019 #kamiritasherpa #kamirita

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“I feel happy and excited when I think about it,” Rita told EFE. “I am making yet another attempt to create history to make the entire Sherpa community and my country proud.” Once Rita and his team completes fixing ropes to the summit, hundreds will begin up behind them.

“Obviously, I am counting the numbers. I have a goal to climb Everest 25 times or maybe more than that,” he said. Born in Thame in the northeastern Nepal, Rita became a porter when he was 12 years old. His first time reaching the summit was in 1994 from the South Col.

“The first time was difficult. But, soon it started becoming easier,” he said. “At that time, climbing Everest would ensure jobs to any Sherpas.” Of course, climbing on Everest is a dangerous undertaking. “There is always pressure for Sherpas from their family to quit the job. Because the chance of survival is 50/50. We have to plan carefully because death is virtually certain when you make mistake, even if you are an experienced climber.”

In 2014, an avalanche killed five of Rita’s climbing partners. “Each and every moment on Everest is risky. But it’s my job and I have to do it,” he said.

Kami Rita Sherpa’s Summits

1994: Summited on May 13
1997: Summited on May 25
1998: Summited on May 25
1999: Summited on May 13
2000: Summited on May 23
2002: Summited on May 25
2003: Summited on May 30
2004: Summited on May 24
2005: Summited on May 30
2006: Summited on May 20
2007: Summited on May 22
2008: Summited on May 24
2009: Summited on May 5
2009: Summited on May 23
2010: Summited on May 5
2010: Summited on May 24
2012: Summited on May 18
2013: Summited on May 10
2013: Summited on May 22
2016: Summited on May 20
2017: Summited on May 27
2018: Summited on May 16

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Everest base camp South side. 5353 m.

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Everest base camp 5350

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