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Kilian Jornet Sets New Aconcagua Speed Record

Spanish runner Kilian Jornet has climbed his way to a new speed record on Aconcagua. He made a round-trip of the technically easy peak in 12 hours and 49 minutes.

On Dec. 23, Jornet set the record on the highest peak outside of Asia at 6,962 metres in less than 13 hours, a trip that often takes multiple days.

He acclimatized by climbing the peak on Dec. 15 and sorted out the details of the route. No old record exists, but some speculate the fastest times have been around 15 hours, no one has claimed faster than 13 hours.

After one failed attempt, he left from the park gate at Horicones and ran over 30 kilometres and climbed nearly 4,000 metres to reach the summit. The round-trip was 59.8 kilometres.

Jornet said after, “I am so happy for achieving this new challenge. It was hard, especially after 6,500 m where I suffered from altitude. In the end, it’s the joy that we remember.”

Jornet’s landmark records:
2013 – Mont Blanc in four hours and 57 minutes
2013 – Matterhorn in two hours and 52 minutes
2014 – Denali in 11 hours and 48 minutes
2014 – Aconcagua in 12 hours and 49 minutes
2015 – Jornet is planning on setting records on Mount Elbrus and Mount Everest

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