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Laura Rogora is First Italian Woman to Send 5.15a

As she made the second ascent of Adam Ondra's Pure Dreaming Plus

Laura Rogora has joined the 5.15 club with her repeat of Adam Ondra’s Pure Dreaming Plus at Massone in Arco, Italy. Rogora is the fifth woman, and first Italian woman, to climb 5.15; joining crushers Margo Hayes (2017), Anak Verhoeven (2017), Angela Eiter (2017) and Julia Chanourdie (2020).

This is only the second ascent of the powerful route first climbed by Ondra. Rogora repeated Pure Dreaming earlier this week and wasted no time piecing together the difficult variation that is the Plus.

The post-covid-lockdown sending spree has been one for the books over the past few weeks. Just in the past 10 days: Oriane Bertone climbed her first V15, Nolwen Berthier climbed her first 5.14c with La Ligne Claire and Melissa Le Nevé made the first female ascent of Action Directe 5.14d. In Canada, Joe Skopec climbed a new 5.14 in Ontario and a number of new 5.14s have been added to the east coast.

Rogora’s Send List

2014 Ciccio Formaggio 5.14c, Grotta dell’Aerenauta Sperlonga, repeat at 13 years old
2015 Il Corvo 5.14c, Ferentillo, repeat
2016 Grandi Gesti 5.14d, Sperlonga, repeat
2016 Wallstreet 5.14c, Frankenjura, Germany, repeat
2016 Tomorrowland extension 5.14c/d, Cueva di Collepardo, first ascent
2016 Supercrack 5.14b/5.14c, Cueva di Collepardo, first ascent
2017 Joe Blau 5.14c+, Oliana, Spain, repeat
2017 La Gasparata 5.14c/d, Cueva di Collepardo, first ascent
2017 Joe-cita 5.14d, Oliana, repeat
2017 Ercole 5.14c/d, Cueva di Collepardo, first ascent
2017 It segid narg 5.14c/d, Grotta dell’Arenauta Sperlonga, first ascent
2018 Sitting Bull 5.14c/d, Cueva di Collepardo, first ascent
2019 Esclatamasters 5.14d, Perles, Spain, repeat
2019 Rèveille-toi 5.14d, Cueva di Collepardo, first ascent
2019 Pal Norte 5.14c/d, Margalef, repeat
2020 La Bongada 5.14d, Margalef, repeat
2020 L-mens 5.14a, Montsant, onsight
2020 Corvo Morto 5.14c/d Ferentillo, first ascent
2020 Riflessi and Terra Piatta 5.14c, Monte Colt, both second go
2020 Pure Dreaming 5.14d, Massone, Arco, 9 attempts
2020 Pure Dreaming Plus 5.15a, Massone, Arco