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Laura Rogora Onsights 5.14a then Sends 5.14d

A strong start to 2020 after a memorable 2019

Italian crusher Laura Rogora, 18, started 2020 with a few hard sends in Montsant, Spain. Her first 5.14b was at age 13 with Ciccio Formaggio.

This week, Rogora onsighted L-mens 5.14a, making her one of the few climbers to have onsighted a 5.14a in their teens. Shortly before that, she redpointed Pal Norte 5.14c/d at Margalef.

Her most recent historic send came with the La Bongada 5.14d, which took her two days to piece together. It’s her fifth 5.14d, the others being Grandi Gesti, Joe Cita, Escalamasters and Reveille-toi.

In 2005, Josune Bereziartu became the first woman to onsight 5.14a at the same crag where Rogora onsighted hers. Other women who’ve onsighted 5.14a include Sasha DiGiulian, Anak Verhoeven, Kajsa Rosen and Maja Vidmar.

Laura Rogora 5.14s

2014: Ciccio Formaggio 5.14b
2015: Il Corvo 5.14b
2016: Grandi Gesti 5.14d
2016: Wallstreet 5.14c
2016: Tommorowland 5.14c/d
2016: Supercrack 5.14b/c
2017: Joe Blau 5.14c
2017: La Gasparata 5.14c/d
2017: Joe Cita 5.14d
2017: Ercole 5.14c
2017: It Segid Narg 5.14c
2018: Sitting Bull 5.14c/d
2019: Esclatamasters 5.14d
2019: Reveille-toi 5.14d
2019: Pal Norte 5.14c/d
2020: L-mens 5.14a onsight
2020: La Bongada 5.14d