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Legendary Climber Marcel Rémy Dies at 99

Watch a short film about the Swiss man who continued to climb well into his 90s

The Swiss mountaineer who won the world over for climbing well into his 90s has died at the age of 99. Marcel Rémy, father of the famous climbers Yves and Claude Remy, passed peacefully at his home this week.

Born on Feb. 6, 1923, in Gruyère, he began climbing at a young age and continued until recently. Italian climber Alessandro Filippini, said, “Farewell to the “Patriarch of the Cime”, Marcel Remy, amateur Swiss mountaineer who became famous in his late (or maybe very late) age for his inexhaustible passion for the mountains.”

At 94, he climbed the West Face of Miroir d’Argentine in Switzerland, a 450-meter rock climb with a long approach. He then took a tandem paraglider flight back to the base. At 96 years old, he attempted to lead a 5.11 multi-pitch. This past winter, after turning 99, he led a 5.7. There’s currently a film being made about his life.

Watch Rémy climbing at the age of 98 below, and at the age of 94 in a short film from Mammut.

Marcel Rémy at 94