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Legends Only Results

The La Sportiva Legends Only took place this past weekend in Stockholm. Adam Ondra came out on top in one of the most entertaining comps of the year.

This was the fourth La Sportiva Legends Only competition. The “top” six climbers/boulderers from the last year were invited to compete. The Czech climber Ondra was a shoe-in for the event. He was joined by Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb who are both coming off an impressive season of climbing a number of new V14s and V15s. There was aldo Jernej Kruder who won Adidas Rockstars and the Rock Master Bouldering competition. The German Jan Hojer who was the winner of the 2014 Bouldering World Cup and lastly the German climber Alex Megos who finished second.

Alex Megos  Photo La Sportiva Legends Only
Alex Megos Photo La Sportiva Legends Only

The route setters were Sean McColl, who won this year’s world cup combined title, and Kilian Fischhuber, who has nearly 50 titles to his name.

Each climber had only three attempts. Of the six boulder problems, only the top three could compete on the final two.

All things considered, this was an exciting edition of the La Sportiva Legends Only, with yet a new format and a number of surprises. Last year’s champion Jimmy Webb managed only two tops and finished fourth (for the record, he competed with a slightly injured finger) whilst Alexander Megos, theoretically the underdog if you look at his bouldering resumé, did well with his great second place behind a truly on-fire Adam Ondra.

Final results
1. Adam Ondra
2. Alexander Megos
3. Jan Hojer
4. Jimmy Webb
5. Daniel Woods
6. Jernej Kruder

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