Linda Sjödin, 26, started climbing in 2011 and just sent her first V14 with a tick of Bernd Zangerl’s New Base Line in Magic Wood, Switzerland. Previous to Sjödin, four women had sent the hard problem, including Anna Stohr, Alex Puccio, Mile Heyden and Shauna Coxsey. Sjödin is the 11th woman to send the grade.

Sjödin hadn’t sent a V12 or V13 before jumping on New Base Line, which took her around 15 sessions over the summer. Sjödin is taking a break from studying medicine to tour popular bouldering areas, next are Brione and Albarracin.

Before attempting New Base Line, Sjödin had watched a video of Puccio sending it and was inspired. Sjödin said that seeing someone else that was her height send it was all the motivation she needed. Sjödin competed in at least seven IFSC world cups over the last two years, but never broke the top-50 mark. Watch her send below.

New Base Line

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