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List of Canadians Who’ve Climbed Mount Everest

The mountain is closed in spring 2020 due to the coronavirus

Nearly 130 Canadians have climbed Mount Everest since 1982. The world’s highest mountain is closed to expeditions in spring 2020 due to the coronavirus.

While we won’t get to look forward to any summits this season, we can look back at the many Canadians who’ve reached the top. The first was Laurie Skreslet in 1982, followed by Pat Morrow a few days later. The next summits didn’t come until 1986 during the Everest Light Expedition led by Jim Elzinga. It saw Sharon Wood and Dwayne Congdon reach the top, Wood as the first North American woman, via a new route.

In total, nearly 5,000 people have climbed Everest since 1953. Below is a list of all recorded Canadian ascents until May 2019.

Canadians on Everest

Canadian Date
Laurie Skreslet 05-Oct-82
Patrick (Pat) Morrow 07-Oct-82
Dwayne Congdon 20-May-86
Sharon Wood 20-May-86
Daniel George (Dan) Culver 04-Oct-90
Yves Laforest 15-May-91
Michael Sutton 10-May-93
Andrew (Andy) Evans 22-May-97
Jamie Clarke 23-May-97
Alan Hobson 23-May-97
Bernard Voyer 05-May-99
David Rodney 13-May-99
Benajmin M. (Ben) Webster 17-May-00
Byron Raymond Smith (disputed) 21-May-00
Michael Down 26-May-00
James Todd Sampson 23-May-01
Grant Douglas (Doug) MacLaren 23-May-01
Deryl Kelly 24-May-01
Francois Langlois 24-May-01
Jason Rodi 16-May-02
Bruno Rodi 30-May-03
Rauno (Ron) Hoglin 15-May-04
Martin Boileau 16-May-04
Mario Dutil 16-May-04
Maxime Jean 16-May-04
Claude St. Hilaire 16-May-04
Jeffery John Dossett 24-May-04
Donald Holton (Holt) Hunter 24-May-04
Jocelyn Dufour 21-May-05
Shaunna Marie Burke 30-May-05
Gabriel Filippi 30-May-05
Urszula Elzbieta Tokarska 02-Jun-05
Jean-Francois Carrey 18-May-06
Andries Nolte Botha 18-May-06
Robert Charles Follows 24-May-06
Leonard Douglas (Len) Stanmore 24-May-06
Daniel George Griffith 24-May-06
Bryce Kendall Brown 18-Oct-06
Serge Dessureault 15-May-07
Maurice Beausejour 15-May-07
Manuel A. (Manny) Pizarro 16-May-07
Adolphus Gordon (Al) Hancock 19-May-07
Gligor Delev 20-May-07
Meagan Kirsten McGrath 21-May-07
Werner J. Berger 22-May-07
William M. Hanlon 22-May-07
John Patrick (Pat) Hickey 24-May-07
Dominique (Dom) Gilbert 21-May-08
Angus A. Murray 21-May-08
Richard (Ryszard) Kurdziel 21-May-08
Scott G. Kress 21-May-08
Sylvie Frechette 21-May-08
Timothy Leonard (Tim) Rippel 21-May-08
Adam Janikowski 22-May-08
Francois-Guy Thivierge 22-May-08
Sebastien Audy 22-May-08
Jaroslaw C. Hawrylewicz 23-May-08
Dean H. Smith 23-May-08
Christian A. Otto 23-May-08
Eric C. Otto 23-May-08
Andrew J. Brash 23-May-08
Hedd-Wyn Lloyd Williams 24-May-08
Brian Jones 25-May-08
John Furneaux 25-May-08
Sebastien Sasseville 25-May-08
Adam D. Mallory 26-May-08
Alan A. Mallory 26-May-08
Daniel W. Mallory 26-May-08
Laura C. R. Mallory 27-May-08
Todd Lavigne 20-May-09
Patrick Rajnaraine Singh 21-May-09
Christopher Lloyd Guest 22-May-09
Lucile Antoinette De Beaudrap 07-May-10
Wiktor Jan Mazur 17-May-10
Elia Saikaly 22-May-10
Allain Baldo 22-May-10
Theodore Fairhurst 23-May-10
Shawn Dawson 23-May-10
Laval St. Germain 24-May-10
Darrell Gordon Ainscough 25-May-10
Elizabeth Tertil 25-May-10
Marie Christine Dube 13-May-11
Kung-Gin Jesse Kao 13-May-11
Gregg Mellon 20-May-11
Veronique Denys 20-May-11
Christopher Stephen Szymiec 26-May-11
Philip Peter Bota 26-May-11
Samuel Clare Peter Wyatt 19-May-12
Steven Curtis Holfeld 19-May-12
Francois Houde 19-May-12
Catherine Dupasquier 19-May-12
Rehan (Ray) Dost 19-May-12
Catherine Neumann 19-May-12
Monique Richard 19-May-12
Nathalie Fortin 19-May-12
Jan Morava 19-May-12
Shriya Shah-Klorfine 19-May-12
John Andrew Stephen 25-May-12
Sandra Leduc 26-May-12
Steven Whittington 17-May-13
John Neal Lowry 18-May-13
Allan Arthur Johnson 19-May-13
Sean Paul Mooney 19-May-13
Horacio Daniel Galanti 19-May-13
Dean Christopher Carriere 19-May-13
Patrick Martin Lewis McKibbin 19-May-13
Ravil Chamgoulov 25-May-14
Grace Katherine McDonald 20-May-16
Trevor Martin Stuart 21-May-16
Alan Jacob Keller 23-May-16
Elizabeth Patricia Rose 23-May-16
Greg J. Barber 25-May-17
John Alan Oldring 25-May-17
Mikey Foreal 14-May-18
Illina Frankiv 18-May-18
Serge Massad 18-May-18
Pierre-Luc Tremblay 18-May-18
Mario Cantin 22-May-18
Jason (Jay) Patry 22-May-18
Neal Sharad Kushwaha 23-May-18
Michael Dermot Mulrooney 16-May-19
Dalip Singh Shekhawat 16-May-19
Clayton Vernon Matthews 16-May-19
Mark Ryan Ballard 22-May-19
George Vouloumanos 23-May-19
Christopher Dare 23-May-19

NOTE: A climber who was missed on the list was Manuel A. (Manny) Pizarro who climbed it in May 2007 and May 2009. 

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