Ontario-based climber Lucas Uchida has climbed The Man in Me 5.13d at Lion’s Head in Ontario. In 2016, Uchida flashed Maxi Piesta 5.13c at Lion’s Head and in 2015 climbed God’s Own Stone 5.14a at Red River Gorge.

Photographer and climber Mike Penney broke the news on Instagram, “Huge congrats to Lucas Uchida for sending The Man in Me 5.13d in Lion’s Head on Sunday.”

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“Having been off the rock for a couple months training and competing in Europe, Lucas was unsure what to try this past weekend, but settled on seeing how this Daniel Martian classic felt.”

A the 2017 IFSC World Cup comps, Uchida placed 15th at the Youth World Championships in Innsbruck, 25th in Male Junior Boulder at Innsbruck, 34th at Arco for Male Lead and 71st at the Munich Bouldering World Cup.

“Despite very poor conditions, the boy turned into a man in only three attempts. Really looking forward to seeing what this young man can do in the future. Congrats again buddy!”

In an interview with Uchida before last year’s competition season, we asked him three things he enjoys and three things he doesn’t about international comps. he said:

“Three things I enjoy: Climbing on routes set by some of the best setters in the world. Seeing and learning from fellow competitors. It helps with motivation and developing/understanding my climbing. And travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures.

“Three things I don’t like: It can be very expensive. I usually don’t get to explore a lot of where I travel to. And with travelling sometimes there will be more ‘uncontrollables’ that might affect my performance.” Competition season kicks off in Ontario at Coyote Rock in Ottawa on Oct. 21.

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