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Magnus Midtbø Sends Thor’s Hammer 5.15a

Strong Nordic climber Magnus Midtbø, 28, has sent the 60-metre Thor’s Hammer 5.15a at Flatanger in Norway. Adam Ondra made the first ascent four years ago, but Midtbø was the visionary who bolted the big route. Alex Megos made the second ascent, about one year before he made the first ascent of Fightclub 5.15a in Canada.

After Megos repeated Thor’s Hammer, Jakob Schubert made the third ascent, followed by Daniel Woods, Ethan Pringle, Dave Graham Domen Skofic, Sachi Amma and Seb Bouin. A downgrade to 5.14d has been suggested, but the route still stands at 5.15a. Watch Midtbø solo a big route in the Verdon below.