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Marc-Andre Leclerc Solos Emperor Face

Top Canadian climber Marc-Andre Leclerc has soloed Infinite Patience VI M7 on Mount Robson’s Emperor Face. 

Leclerc has been climbing in the Canadian Rockies for the past few months. He has climbed a number of classic routes, such as Andromeda Strain on Mount Andromeda, The Greenwood/Locke on Mount Temple and established three new routes in Valley of the Ten Peaks including The Lindic/Leclerc on Mount Tuzo.

Mount Robson's North Face on the left and Emperor Face on the right. Photo John Scurlock
Mount Robson’s North Face on the left and Emperor Face on the right. Photo John Scurlock

Leclerc’s ascent is the first solo of the famous Emperor Face. It is also one of the few ascents of the wall to climb to the summit. Visit his Facebook page here for photos and more from Leclerc. Read a full report by Leclerc here. For a comprehensive history of the big alpine wall, check out The Bold and Cold here by Gripped editor Brandon Pullan, which Leclerc read cover to cover.

The Emperor Face was first climbed in 1978 by Jim Logan and Mugs Stump. There are five established routes up the face, including Infinite Patience, The Kruk/Walsh, The House/Haley, The Cheesmond/Dick and The Logan/Stump.

Watch this short film featuring Josh Wharton on Infinite Patience and The Wild Thing on Mount Chephren.

Josh Wharton: Alpine Lessons in the Canadian Rockies from Patagonia on Vimeo.

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